Nikki Clark: designer, writer

After completing an undergraduate degree in English and Sociology at the University of Texas, I fell in love with design & tech as one of the most interesting spaces for exploring human motivation and changing the way we experience the world. I've worked as both a Designer and a Creative Director at boutique studios, and I'm currently fortunate to work with the amazing team at thirteen23. I also write about UX, design systems, social science, digital ethics, and culture.

I also love: breakfast tacos, hip hop, sci-fi, futurism, my two cats, and weird corporate twitter.

If you're looking for a portfolio, check out my Behance profile and my Medium. If you're looking for my visual design experiments, check out my Dribbble. And of course, drop me a line at or hit me up on Twitter if you want to chat, I'd love to hear from you!

Writing & Interviews

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